Repairs That Can Help Solve Your Frosty Freezer Problem

A frosty freezer can be a total mess. Besides taking up valuable space in your freezer, the frost or ice build-up can result in your freezer working inefficiently, which means its ability to preserve your food as required will be affected. Therefore, when you notice too much frost in your freezer, you need to know what action to take to prevent any further problems. Here are a few repairs that can be done to solve the problem.

Replacing The Freezer Door Seals/Gasket

It is not unusual to find some level of frost on the shelves or sides of your freezer compartment. This is because when you open the freezer door, warm air from outside finds its way inside the compartment and condenses when it meets the cold freezer air. Eventually, the condensate will ice up due to the cold freezer temperatures. However, if there's too much frost in your freezer, it means a lot of warm air is getting leaked inside the compartment, and this will only happen if the door seal or gasket is broken. Inspect the gasket carefully for any visual damages such as cracks and signs of wear. Replacing the seals should do the trick.

However, in some cases, the door itself could be misaligned and has to be readjusted. Therefore, when replacing the seals, get a technician to check whether or not the door is out of alignment. You can also try replacing or adjusting the door hinges on your own to get the door back in alignment.

Replacing The Evaporator Fan

Another possible cause of a frosty freezer is a faulty evaporator fan. This fan usually blows cold air from your freezer compartment to the refrigerator compartment, particularly the fresh food segment. The movement of the cold air is a cycle that starts from the freezer through a duct to the fresh food segment and back to the freezer as slightly warm air, which is then cooled and blown back to the refrigerator. Therefore, if you have a faulty evaporator fan, the warmer air from your fresh food segment won't be cooled, meaning it will condense in the freezer and ice up.

It is fairly easy to tell that your evaporator isn't working. Simply listen to it when the compressor is running to find out if it's blowing air. You can also hold your hand over the outlet for cold air to feel if the air is being blown. For most models, you will find this outlet at the refrigerator section.