Four Reasons Your Sewing Machine May Not Be Stitching Properly

If your sewing machine is not stitching properly, it can cause a lot of frustration. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if your sewing machine is broken or whether there's an easy underlying problem that can be fixed with some simple sewing machine maintenance.

Here are four reasons that your sewing machine may not be stitching properly.

1. Wrong Thread Tension

Incorrect thread tension is a common issue with sewing machines. If your sewing machine is not stitching properly, then the thread attention could be the problem. To check if the thread tension is correct, you can use a small sample piece of material to test it out. If the tension is correct, then both sides of the same should look smooth and flat. If you are repeatedly getting issues with thread tension, then it may mean that you need some sewing machine maintenance.

2. Wrong Needle Setting For Your Fabric

If you find that your sewing machine is not stitching properly, then the needle settings could be the issue. Your needle could be at the wrong height. To start with, set the needle in your sewing machine to the lowest position. You can then adjust it from there by stitching a sample to check if the needle sews correctly. Different models of sewing machines have different needle settings. For example, Phaff sewing machine repairs will be different from Bernina sewing machine repairs. If you are having repeated problems with the needle setting, talk to a sewing machine repair specialist.

3. Wrong Stitch Length For The Fabric

Your sewing machine may not be stitching correctly because you have chosen the wrong stitch length for the fabric that you are using. These settings are different for each model, as different models of showing machines use different materials in their gears. First, check the manual for your model of sewing machine for advice on the stitch length to use for each particular fabric. If this doesn't solve your problem, it could be because the gears have worn out or need replacing. 

4. You Need A New Needle

Luckily, one common reason that your sewing machine is not stitching properly can be easily fixed. It may be simply that you need a new needle. Needles should always be sharp, not blunt. And needles break. If your needle is dull or broken, then the stitches will not be neat and exact. However, if you have replaced the needle and your sewing machine is still not working properly, you will need to speak to a sewing machine repairs expert to get the issue fixed.

Uncooperative sewing machines can cause annoyance and frustration. If your sewing machine is not stitching properly, it could be a simple fix, or it could require a bit more sewing machine maintenance. Talk to a professional about your sewing machine maintenance needs.