How to Keep Your Espresso Machine Clean and Maintained

If you use an espresso machine in your business, whether you have it in the break room of your office or you run a small coffee shop, you rely on it to be working properly every time. This requires proper use of the machine, as well as routine cleaning and maintenance. Here are some tips for keeping the machine clean and well maintained.

Keep the Wand Clean

One of the most important aspects of cleaning an espresso machine is the steaming wand. This wand often gets milk build-up, which can then cause future cups of cappuccino taste bad. You don't want to spread around that old milk bacteria, so you should remember to wipe the wand after every use, or at least every few uses if you are using it often. Keep a damp cloth near the cappuccino machine so that it is handy and easy to use to wipe away the wand. Don't use the same cloth all day long though; remember to replace it with new damp cloths throughout the day. If the milk is still wet when wiping the wand, it will be a lot easier to clean.

Clean the Machine After Brewing Sessions

You probably have certain brewing sessions of the day when the cappuccino machine tends to be used most often. After each of these sessions or after several pulls of the machine, you want to do a quick clean-up to get rid of any oils that go back up the machine. A really easy way to do this is to run a shot through the machine with just water, then dump the shot. This is going to clean it out with just plain water and flush out the oils to keep them from building up later. Also remember to clean the group head as often as you can.

Troubleshoot Espresso Machine Problems

When it comes to maintaining an espresso machine, it often comes down to knowing when the machine is giving you signs of trouble and figuring out how to address that problem. For example, if the espresso machine starts to dispense coffee at a slower pace, there might be a problem with the water supply or the pump, or the coffee grind itself may be too fine for the machine. If it is dispensing too quickly, then the coffee is probably too coarse and the grinder will need to be adjusted. If you keep getting leaking coffee over the portafilter, cleaning the group is likely needed.