How to Know Your Washing Machine Needs Repairs

When your washing machine isn't getting clothes very clean, it is an obvious sign that there is a problem. However, there are also a few other things you should be looking out for that might indicate it is time to call an appliance technician to have a look at the washing machine. Here are some signs that you might be in need of some washing machine repairs.

The Washer Makes a Lot of Noise

By this point, you already know what the normal washing machine sounds are, so you should be able to tell when something isn't quite right. In some cases, one of your kids had a toy in their pocket that is bouncing around in the machine, but if there is only clothing in there and it is still making a lot of noise, it is time to investigate. Washing machines that make a lot of noise often have something wrong with the motor, which does require a professional to help repair. It might also be bouncing around a lot, which is also leading to the noise.

There Are Signs of a Water Leak

With a washing machine that is working properly, there shouldn't be any water leaking underneath or around the machine. This can be from a lot of different causes, some mild and some more severe. It could be that there is a loose connection, problem with the hose, or the filter is clogged. It is also possible that the leak is from a more serious issue. When you have signs of a leak from the washing machine, a call to your appliance technician is usually warranted. They can let you know what the issue is and if it can be repaired.

The Agitator Isn't Moving

If you have a top-loading washing machine, then there is an agitator inside that helps to move your clothing around. This is the component located in the middle of the washing machine drum that spins your clothes during a wash and rinse cycle. If you have turned on the washing machine and noticed it is no longer moving, then you are in need of some repairs. This movement is necessary for washing your clothing properly, so if it fails to move, you might find weird spots on your clothing or that they simply aren't as clean as they could be. It could be something that is simple to fix, so it is worth calling a technician before you consider replacing the machine entirely.